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ARTICLE: What to expect from Iraq’s election?

By Zaid Al-Ali,  May 15, 2018

ALJAZEERA ENGLISH: This week’s elections in Iraq are unlikely to produce any earth-shattering results. There is far more electoral competition between parties in Iraq than most other countries in the region, including Lebanon where voters this week returned the country’s political monopoly to power with scarcely any changes. But most of the main candidates in Iraq are well-known quantities and there is absolutely no chance of any independent figures or new political forces breaking into parliament or into government. Given how dysfunctional many of those candidates have been while in power since 2003, many voters have already decided that they will protest against the state. The only real question is how many votes Iraq’s dominant parties will gain on election day, and how they will use the results when negotiating the formation of the next government.

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