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INTERVIEW: Worries of sectarian violence in Fallujah are unfounded, says analyst

By RFI,  June 9, 2016

Radio France Internationale: The Iraqi army says it has secured the southern edge of Fallujah, which has been held by the Islamic State group for two years. The commander in charge of the operation said Sunday that Special Forces are now ready to enter the main city.

The operation is slow-moving, but if it succeeds, some observers owrry about tensions that might arise with a Shia-Muslim dominated government taking control over a Sunni-majority city.

But Iraqi analyst Zaid Al-Ali, dismisses the concern. He spoke with RFI’s Sarah Elzas about how the Sunni-majority Tikrit was retaken by the Iraqi government from the Islamic state last year, and there were few of these kinds of problems.

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