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VIDEO: Iraq’s summer of protest

By Al-Jazeera,  August 28, 2015

ALJAZEERA: For the past six weeks, thousands of Iraqis across the streets of Baghdad, Basra, Najaf and other cities have been protesting electricity cuts amid soaring temperatures, rampant corruption and the government’s mismanagement of basic services. The protestors, many of them young secular Iraqis, want government officials to be held accountable.  Will this wave of protests help realise the change so many Iraqis have been searching for? We discuss today at 19:30 GMT.

In this episode of The Stream we speak with: 

Hayder al-Shakeri @HayderSH
Youth activist

Mustafa Salim @Mustafa_salimb
Reporter, The Washington Post

Sajad Jiyad @SajadJiyad
Managing Director, Al-Bayan Center for Planning and Studies

Zaid al-Ali @zalali
Author, “The struggle for Iraq’s future: How corruption, incompetence and sectarianism have undermined democracy”

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