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INTERVIEW: Iraqi elections won’t stop violence or end corruption, says constitutional lawyer

By Eleanor Hall,  April 14, 2014

Zaid Al Ali spent five years in Iraq as a legal adviser to the UN and has just written a book about how the promise of a post-Saddam Iraq has been undermined.

He joined me earlier from Cairo where he is now based and began by talking about how his father’s hopes were raised in 2003 after the US-led invasion.

ZAID AL ALI: My father returned to Iraq. He had been in exile for decades and hadn’t seen his family and his friends and his country for that amount of time. But then he had to leave again in 2006 because of threats, because of general insecurity, because the standards of living were very, very difficult.

It was a very depressing thing to see him leave again because he at the time was unclear whether or not he would ever go back and this’ll be the third time that he’s been forced out of his country.

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